The City they call Grand Terrace

I have the privilege of joining several business owners and business professional for breakfast once a week to share ideas, referrals, and fellowship. We meet at The Food Connection on Barton Rd at 8:00 am each Tuesday. We belong to TEAM Referral Network, Grand Terrace Chapter, who, in my opinion, is the absolute best when it comes to Networking companies. From the founder to the staff, they are truly there for the common goal of helping you reach your maximum potential to grow your business through the power of relationship marketing.

We are members of the Grand Terrace Chamber of Commerce and yesterday I, along with four other members, attended the annual Chamber luncheon. I learned a lot about the City of Grand Terrace and all the growth that is happening. I often relate it to “Mayberry” as it has that home-town feel. Well, you can be rest assured that this little town has big plans! I look forward to learning more about it, getting more involved with the Chamber and community and continuing to grow our Chapter.

If you are a business owner looking to grow your business, please come join us for breakfast. You will be happy you did.

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