Free Buyer’s Agent

What is a Free Buyer’s Agent anyway?

Let’s face it – Sellers and Buyers want exactly the opposite thing.
When selling your home, you want the most you can get for it.
On the other hand, when buying a home, you want to pay the lowest price for it.

So, how can a single agent represent such utterly opposite agendas? Simple, a single agent can’t.

Today’s home buyer realizes that the agent whose sign is in the yard represents that home and its seller’s best interests. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if an agent is representing the best interests of seller, he can’t possibly also represent the best interests of any buyer.

Your Homebuyer’s Agent is a licensed Realtor® working just for YOU!

Your exclusive homebuyer’s agent will represent you, the homebuyer, just like our listing (seller’s) agents represent our home sellers.

Your exclusive buyer’s agent consults with you to gather all your wants and needs as well as to share with you all the current real estate information and answer all your questions.

Your exclusive buyer’s agent performs all of these tasks and provides for you all of the services involved in buying a home… Yet all of these services cost you no money whatsoever… But how?

But How Can All These Home Buyer Services Be FREE?

They aren’t!!! They’re just free to you, the homebuyer.

Ironically it’s the seller of the home who will pay the buyer’s agent for bringing the buyer. This is simply the way the real estate industry works – sellers pay their agents to pay the buyer’s agent. It’s called “Co-operating Brokerage”.

The Home Seller pays us so we charge you nothing!

Most importantly, your exclusive buyer’s agent is specially trained to handle the special needs of first time home buyers, move-up home buyers, investors and relocating buyers.

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