What makes VR Services so special when it comes to selling your home?

When surveyed, most home sellers said their single greatest consideration is to net the most profit in the shortest amount of time. As a full service real estate services company, our Realtors® help Southern California home sellers get top dollar for their home and our in-house escrow department makes the process quicker and smoother than our competitors.

Why? It’s really very simple: Regardless of the company they work for, nearly every real estate agent out there works on their own. That’s why the marketing you see from them is all about… well, them. Stuff like: “I’m the best”… “I sold more”… “Top Producer”… doesn’t really have much to do with getting you the most for your home, does it?

As your Realtor®, I will research what really matters to you, the home seller, and then deliver those components within our home selling services. We think that makes a lot more sense than trying to convince you of how cool we think we are.

So, how do I get started?

Your best bet is to simply complete my Seller Scenario form. Your form will download directly to me where I will personally respond to you… Try that at any other on-line real estate company!

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