“I want to thank everyone for their kindness and patience in helping me through the sale of my home. Your personal and professional input helped me greatly and made the move less stressful.” MaryLou Hall

“Kristy helped me to find the perfect house for me and became my friend in the process.” Leigh Reza

“Kristy was wonderful and I would love to work with her again. She is a great agent.” Lynae Yankee

“We wouldn’t be in our awesome house if it wasn’t for Kristy. Her persistence and hard work blessed us so much.” Lori Whittlesey

“Kristy did an excellent job keeping information flowing among all parties and did “extra duty” having to pick up loose ends/pieces of the transaction on behalf of the other agent/buyers. She made the end result happen keeping on top of the situation. My sincere thanks.” Bonnie Petmecky

“It was a pleasure working with Kristy. She was informative, professional, and always truthful. She gave us numerous suggestions and ideas and she really made buying a home a little easier. She was great!” Brett Thomas

“Every day Kristy would call with a listing and take the time to show it. She explained things very well and made it easy to understand. Also, Kristy had a lot of patience and went out of her way many times.” Jennifer Thomason

“Your attention to detail and your professionalism has proven both welcome and profitable.” Christopher Potter

“Kristy was excellent at keeping me informed every step of the way, which was quite a fete since I reside in a different state and my work keeps me constantly on the move. She was a delight to work with and did a professional job. I believe you can consider yourself lucky to have Kristy on your staff.” Rev. David Bailey

“Top notch service from everyone. Kristy was an absolute delight. Always reliable, always professional, and she has a very calming matter-of-fact way about her that calmed my hyper-stressful life right down. Kristy is a really, really good Realtor.” Rick Villeli

“We appreciate your hard work and effort you put into closing the deal. From being mislead by our agent on the original purchase to the incompetence of the agent previous to you, we have had quite poor luck with other agents regarding this property. You have restored my confidence in the real estate agents.” John Ristow

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